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California Homeowners Are At Risk Due To Unseasonable Rains, Commissioner Warns

Posted by Susie Scherff on July 15, 2011 at 11:44 AM

 This year in California, the rainy season went on longer than expected, and as a result, California homeowners are at risk, says the Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. Because the extra rain encouraged increased brush growth and the severe weather loosened branches and falling trees, homeowners should expect an increase in foliage for fires to burn its way through various counties. This means that homeowners in California are more at risk than ever before when it comes to wildfires.

So what can California homeowners do to protect themselves?

There are three main areas to cover. First, look at the surrounding area of your home and remove loose foliage and any trees close to your perimeter to minimize the chance of your property catching fire should tragedy strike. Secondly, put an evacuation plan in place.

California Homeowners Are At Risk Due To Unseasonable Rains Commissioner WarnsThe third step we recommend ensuring appropriate insurance coverage for your home in order to stay fully protected if and when a fire strikes.  Robin Kaufman, the Rancho Bernardo Community Leader, who lost her property to a firestorm in 2007, just happened to take a video of the interior of her property just prior to the fire.  She was able to prove her interior condition and contents to her insurance company when it came to negotiating her payout. We would suggest you take a leaf out of Robin’s book by creating an inventory of your own home’s contents.

If you would like expert advice on creating a home inventory of your own, or have any questions about homeowners insurance, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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