Guide on Understanding Workers' Compensation Insurance

What is it?

It’s “on-the-job” insurance for injured workers.

Workers’ compensation provides benefits to your employees for work-related injuries or illnesses. This includes reasonable expenses for necessary medical care,wages from lost work time, disability benefits and survivor or death benefits

Why do you need it?

Health insurance is not a substitute.

When one of your employees gets hurt on the job or has a work-related illness, only workers’ compensation will cover them. Health insurance won’t even consider the expenses, like your employee's pay or medical deductibles.

Who does it cover?

Full-time, part-time – maybe even you.

The laws vary by state, but full-time and part-time employees are covered by workers’ compensation and in some states business owners, partners and officers may be covered too.

What does it cost?

Rates are based on three key factors.

It depends on the business you’re in, your workers’ compensation track record and how that compares to other companies in the same business. And finally, it depends on how much you pay your people.

How do you buy it?

Your choice today could last a lifetime.

Having workers’ compensation may not be a choice. But who you get it from is and Sutherland-Scherff is your premier source for California insurance! Your decision could make the difference in the life of your employees.