Loss Control Top Tips

Restaurants are busy places with high foot traffic and great potential for losses to occur. We want to help you reduce losses that could impact your business.

Food Safety

  • When customers communicate their food allergies, take precautions in their food preparation.
  • Keep hot foods hot (over 140 degrees) and cold food cold (under 41 degrees).
  • Wear gloves and hair nets when preparing any food.
  • Sanitize all food preparation surfaces, utensils, and containers.
  • Warn customers of hot plates.
  • Food handler cards should be required of all employees per state guidelines.

Restaurant Hand washing


  • All employees must wash their hands often.
  • Ice machines should be sanitized on a regular basis.
  • Food storage containers should be labeled with the date.
  • Monthly pest control services should be performed on the premises.
  • Restrooms should be property maintained, inspected and refreshed throughout the day.


  • Preventive maintenance should be performed regularly on all heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment.
  • Check to ensure the hot water heater is set to an acceptable temperature.
  • Proper safety guards should be in place and functioning on all machinery.
  • Chipped, broken, or cracked glass is to be discarded immediately.


  • Class K and ABC type fire fire graphicextinguishers should be charged and strategically placed on the premises.

  • Annual electrical checks should be performed to ensure adequate eletrical service is being provided for the load as well as check for frayed or loose wires/connections.
  • Shut down procedures should be in place for all kitchen appliances at the end of each business day.
  • The automatic extinguishing system should be UL 300 listed and serviced per NFPA requirements.
  • Grease traps should be emptied daily.
  • All hoods should be cleaned on a regular basis.


  • Properly train employees on safe money handling.
  • Have a safe on premise and safeguard the key/combination.
  • Do not leave cash in the register overnight and leave the register drawer open.
  • Change your route to the bank daily.
  • Keep the interior and exterior of the building well lit.
  • Develop a standard opening and closing procedure.
  • If you have an alarm system, arm it and change the passcode regularly.
These Tips are provided to help you identify potential hazards in your premises. This list is by no means comprehensive, and is not intended as a substitute for knowing and understanding applicable codes and regulations. 

Putting all these top tips to use will help reduce loss, no matter what type of food service industry you are in. Contact one of our expert agents now on 888.424.7044 to ask about restaurant insurance.

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