About Us

Our Service Philosophy

Sutherland-Scherff & Associates was started in 1937 by Charles Sutherland. He began it with the belief that he could offer unparalleled service through excellent client relationships and by representing only quality companies with competitive rates. Eighty-one years later that philosophy continues. Today the agency is owned and operated by his daughter, Susie Scherff, and her daughter, Diana Scherff.

Our agency is driven by our slogan “When service is as important as price…..”  Our goal is to not only provide you with the service that you expect, but also service that you do not expect.   We are independent brokers which means we work with many companies so we can solve all of your insurance needs, not just the easy ones.  

Our Insurance Companies

Representing only companies that are rated excellent by A.M. Best Company, our companies offer competitive pricing, excellent service and financial stability.   We work with companies that specialize in every type of insurance, from homeowners and auto insurance to business insurance, workers’ compensation and professional liability insurance.

Claims Management Commitment

At Sutherland-Scherff & Associates, we take an active role in the management of your claims.  We are committed to assuring you receive prompt and fair treatment for any claim involving coverage extended by our agency, to you or your company.