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Ensure Your Home Insurance Protects You First

Posted by Susie Scherff on August 5, 2011 at 8:39 AM

Ensure Your Home Insurance Protects You FirstDuring the summer months, it is essential that you have a home insurance policy that protects your home from the risk of fire.

That’s because during these months, California is at the mercy of the sun. Last year alone, up to five thousand fires claimed almost 30,000 acres of land across the California state.

The hot dry air during these months means that the risk of fire is present and can occur at any time. To minimise the potential damage caused by a fire, homeowners have two courses of action available.

Take out a home insurance policy

The first is to take out a home insurance policy that covers the risk of fire. The second is to protect the perimeter of the home by removing flammable objects and plants to ensure fire damage is minimal and to reduce the risk of the fire spreading.

When you contact Sutherland-Scherff, we will give you advice on the best home insurance policy for you as there are different home insurance policies offering different levels of coverage.

Basic home insurance policy will cover the following: the physical structure of your home; replacement cost; personal possessions; additional living expenses in the event of an incident and personal liability.

These are just the basics and beyond them, it is possible to design a home insurance policy that suits your specific needs. For example, some homeowners may choose to include earthquake coverage in their home insurance policy while others will opt to protect against fire.

And remove flammable items near your home

As mentioned, it is also important to protect your property from fire by removing flammable items. Trees such as fir and pines should not be located near your house and firewood should be stored safely away, at least 15 foot from the house. All brush should be cleared at least 200 feet from your home.

If you would like to get details on a customised home insurance policy designed to suit you, get in touch with Sutherland-Scherff today.

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